Be Race Ready

Accomplished Swimmers

This group has experience, is skilled and generally “Race Ready”. They are the pros, the elites, or the competitive age-groupers in need to hone their technique for an edge on their competitors. They can…

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Capable Swimmers

This is the athlete who has been swimming for a while; either solo, or with a Masters group. They may have some high school swim experience or triathlon race participation. They are somewhat seasoned…

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Newbie Swimmers

Generally, this is the largest group of swimmers or triathletes. They are looking for: skill development, general improvement, confidence, effective workouts, and specific fitness. They usually don’t know...

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Welcome to Tower 26

TOWER 26 pool sessions are geared toward individuals seeking quality aquatic programs and who possess a drive for excellence and improvement. Whether you’re an accomplished athlete (pro, elite, triathlete), an experienced swimmer, or a newbie enthusiast, you can benefit from the tailored workouts at TOWER 26. They all take place in a comfortable swimming environment with hands-on, personalized instruction.

Why the name ‘TOWER 26’? Throughout the summers of 2009 and 2010, we met for our Friday morning open water workouts at Santa Monica lifeguard tower 26, and the name stuck. Presently our open water workouts are on Wednesday mornings at 6 am (May through October).

Our motto is: “Be Race Ready.” If you choose to participate in a swim or triathlon event, we’ll have you fully prepared. “Be Race Ready” also captures Coach Gerry’s personal philosophy of being the best you can be, even if your objective is not to race or compete. It’s all about personal excellence, rising to meet your own potential.

Your aquatic goals can be achieved through our group workouts, instructional clinics, individual lessons, and training and educational camps, all provided by our first rate instructors. Their techniques have been developed and refined from over 30 years of coaching experience. (Please see our testimonials).

Triathletes and open water enthusiasts

We provide swimming sessions geared toward helping triathletes, at all levels, improve quickly through very targeted and proven training methods. For example, separate sessions will focus on the necessary skills needed to start races quickly, to swim in a pack, to efficiently complete buoy turns and to change swim speeds based on race conditions. The goal will be to help triathletes become fit, comfortable and technically sound while knocking several minutes off their open water time. (Please see our testimonials).

Masters, competitive swimmers, lap swimmers, and newbies

Our workout sessions, instructional clinics, and individual lessons will provide the most effective use of your time. They’ll keep you motivated, athletically sharp and knowledgeable on the training methods world-class athletes apply today, even if you’re a newbie. Expect workouts that are tailored to your personal needs, with training sets designed to increase overall fitness, build power, and achieve technical proficiency adapted to your strengths. You’ll never leave a session being underwhelmed. That’s a guarantee. (Please see our testimonials).