TOWER 26 offers you several program options to gain a rich and complete swimming experience. You’ll receive coaching and training that benefit you by developing efficient technique, attaining specific fitness and training benefits, increasing power, creating a relaxed “feel”, bolstering confidence, and a broadening understanding for the activity. These gains should directly result in much improved swim performances, newly attained swim confidence, and empower you to achieve your goals. Which program is for you?



These are workout groups with multiple participants coached by a professional. They are geared toward all levels.* Participants are grouped by ability and fitness levels into their appropriate swim lane. The coach administers the pre-designed, but tailored workout for each lane, while giving technical instruction and training assistance. These sessions are geared toward both training and technical improvements, while being tightly structured. Participants derive the benefits of their training programs indefinitely. For your convenience, there are three training program groups: early morning, mid morning, and evening. (See schedule.) *Must be able to swim 200 yard freestyle without stopping. 1x/week membership and daily visitors can register here also.
Full membership fee: $480/qtr. $160/mth. Register here.
1x/wk or 13x/qtr membership fee: $235/qtr. Register here.
Per session visitor fee: $20. Register here.


2018 BEACH WORKOUTS begin May 30. Registration is open.

2018 Beach Workouts will start-up once ocean temps sustain 60 degrees for several days; we’re there. Updated: May 21, 2018.

This intensive workout is part of TOWER 26’s comprehensive triathlon swim training program, with this weekly session becoming our foundational workout. Full-time members of TOWER 26’s Triathlon pool swim group can register below. 1x/week members and non-members can participate by becoming Affiliate members. See 2018 beach registration below.

This coached, Wednesday morning program runs May through October. We start at 6:00 am promptly at lifeguard tower 26, Santa Monica beach, approximately 1 mile south of Santa Monica Pier. This is a reserved location and time through the City of Santa Monica, lifeguard staffed by LA County. Paid parking is available in the lot at Barnard Way and Ocean Park Blvd. for $1-2.

Criteria: Must be able to swim 1 mile continuously under 36 min. 1,000 yards under 24 minutes. We strongly recommended that you swim additional weekly pool-training sessions. If you’ve not participated in our beach program prior, please contact us to schedule a safety talk and swim checkout prior to attending.

If you do not meet the above stated swim speed criteria, you can discuss and possibly attend our less advanced session by being able to swim a continuous mile under 45 minutes, 1,000 yard pool swim under 25 minutes and 2:30/100 yard swim speed.

Please inquire at:

These less demanding sessions are coached separately on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday morning each month. An alternative coach will take you through the necessary building blocks for acquiring confidence while administering the proper conditioning and skill platform. On alternative weeks, week 2, 4 and possibly 5, you can join-in the regular Wednesday session participating in Group 5; we usually run four groups based on ability or experience. Your coach will advise on those alternative mornings.

After registering, please check-in at the beach to collect your 2018 TOWER 26 Beach swim cap at your first session. It’s to be worn at all these coached workouts.


Affiliate membership and TOWER 26 1x/week members pay: $250. Reduced to $125, September 1.


TOWER 26 full-time pool members pay: $125. Reduced to $75, September 1.






Private instruction is needed at times by individuals for a variety of purposes whether for stroke correction, motivation, or to jump-start improvement. But the main reason for private instruction is to specifically understand how your personal swimming habits affect your performance. Although we are offering a service for fee, TOWER 26 firmly believes every participant benefits from at least a single private a year, even the pros.
Fee: $150/session (60 minutes). Register here.
Call or email for an appointment. Contact Gerry.



Consultations are designed for remote or non-location based athletes. A 60-90 minute session via phone or Skype is generally broken into two segments: 1) stroke mechanics analysis; 2) training routine assessment. You can expect a comprehensive review of these two components with solution based recommendations and focused guidance toward your improvement. Be prepared to provide your athletic history, current training file, and a brief video of your swimming.
Fee: $300. Register here.



Personalized triathlon swim training programs designed to improve your swim performances through the proper training prescription of conditioning and technique. They assist in your understanding of training methods, season planning with race week preparation, and construction of specifically targeted workouts to maximize your time budget. These individual sessions are tailored specifically to your needs; they are not computer generated or stock programs. Each session requires your feedback before your next personalized workout is provided. Very limited availability.
Details and Fees: Contact Gerry.



TOWER 26 workouts utilize several training aids to help achieve proper swimming mechanics and reinforce sound swimming principles. Coach Gerry tests all equipment independently and does not endorse one product over another based on sponsorship, rather all recommendations are based on swim benefit.

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